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Aug 03 2012

Becoming Ms. Hardinger

Another Friday.
Another week behind me.
Another week of discipline forms, incident reports, modified lesson plans, sleepless nights, and finally SUCCESSES.
Finally, I am starting to see successes in the little ways: a smile from a student when he or she gets an answer right, hugs in the bus line even though I’ve been after students all day long to meet expectations and not sell themselves short, and cooperative learning during my most difficult sixth grade class.
It hasn’t been a week of roses and sunshine, not by any stretch of the imagination, but there has certainly been sun. During that most difficult sixth grade class on Thursday, I spent much of the class period putting students to work, requiring them to read the paragraph I had written up for them explaining the day’s content and answer four questions about the content in complete sentences. This is not how I like to teach at all, and quite frankly…

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Jul 27 2012

On Expectations and the Journey.

It is 3 PM on a Friday afternoon. For twelve years, since I was ten years old, I have waited to sit in this room at 3 PM on a Friday afternoon. I have waited equally as long to proudly say the words “I am a teacher”, and to spend my days in front of a group of students.…

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